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We firmly believe that effective education is based on a three-way partnership between teachers, pupils and parents. The role of the parent is crucial to enable their child to reach their full potential. We genuinely try to involve parents as fully as possible in all aspects of school life. This may be by helping your child at home, helping in school or supporting the PTA. If you can help in any way, please do. We value regular dialogue with our pupils, parents and wider community and use the following communication channels:


InductionFor new reception children we like to meet the child and both parents at home prior to starting school.
Parents’ Consultation EveningsThese provide parents the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress and set and review individual targets with your child’s teacher. We provide two formal evening each year (and more if your child has special educational needs). Access our online Booking System here
Information EveningsOccasionally we host information evenings to update parents on new topics, such as a change to the curriculum.
We provide parents with a written report at the end of the year detailing their child’s progress, attainment and identifying their next steps in learning.
Meet the TeacherOur teachers are willing to see parents to discuss any problems. If you wish to speak to your child’s teacher during normal school times, please telephone the school office to make an appointment or contact the teacher concerned directly. Most staff are available at the end of the school day.
Home/School DiaryA home/school diary is sent home with each pupil and is used to record reading and other homework. When you have checked the work your child has completed, we ask parents to initial the diary and make sure that it is returned each day. Teachers check the diaries daily and sometimes write messages. You may also use the diary to send messages to your child’s teacher.
NewslettersNewsletters are sent out regularly to share with you many developments, events and diary dates. These are emailed to you via our SIMS INTouch service.
Text MessagesWe send text messages, via our SIMS InTouch service, notifying parents of emergency school closure or club cancellations.
WebsiteWe aim to provide you with all the information you require via this website too. If you think anything is missing, please let the school office know.


If we feel your child is having problems, we will contact you. Similarly, if you are unhappy, concerned or feel out of touch with your child’s progress, please drop us an email, give us a ring or make an appointment if you have any concerns. We look forward to working with you and will always try to help alleviate your concerns.