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Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND)

The term “special needs” covers a wide range of educational, emotional and physical difficulties that inhibit the development of a child’s ability. Nationally about one in five children will need extra help at one time or another and about 2% of children will have a formal Statement of Educational Needs. At Francis Baily, we have a commitment to fully support any child for whom mainstream education is deemed appropriate, subject to the normal admissions criteria.


We keep a register of children who need special help. This is not to label them but to ensure that they get the help they need. We believe that the early identification of problems is important and that the progress of children with special needs benefits from close monitoring.


There are three stages of special educational needs. A child will only move on to the next stage if their needs are not being satisfactorily met at the current level. In the case where a child is making good progress, he or she will move back through the stages and may in the end no longer be deemed to have special educational needs.


The current code of practice places specific duties on schools to keep parents fully informed – a policy we whole-heartedly endorse. Should your child be identified as needing extra help you will be consulted and thereafter regularly contacted to help you and the school monitor change and progress. Further details of the code of practice are given to parents when children are identified as having special educational needs.


Further information
If you wish to know more about special educational needs at Francis Baily, or you wish to discuss your child’s specific needs, please contact the school office to make an appointment or email our SENCO at

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