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Uniform Information

All pupils attending Francis Baily are expected to wear the full school uniform, as detailed below. It’s an important part of our school identity that ensures our pupils feel part of a team and take a pride in their appearance. Please ensure that all uniform items are clearly labelled with your child’s name and help us to achieve these standards by ensuring that your child comes to school correctly dressed each day.


All Pupils

  • White polo shirt with or without the school logo
  • Bottle green polo shirt with or without the school logo
  • Bottle green round neck sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo
  • Grey tailored trousers (not cargo style or jeans style trousers), grey skirt, grey pinafore dress or grey tailored shorts
  • Grey, black or green tights
  • White or grey socks
  • •Black school shoes - Sensible shoes of a simple conventional style
  • All children with hair below collar length must tie it back

In the summer term, a green and white gingham summer dress may be worn.

Green fleeces (with the school logo on) may also be purchased these must be worn as an outside jacket and not as a replacement for a jumper.


Foundation Year
The same as the main school uniform, with the option of

  • Trainers with velcro fastenings for outdoor wear


PE Uniform
On PE days children are asked to come to school wearing their PE kit. Their PE kit consists of:

  • Francis Baily house colour T-shirt (the only logo to be on this is the school logo)
    • House Colours: Air = White; Earth = Green; Fire = Red; and Water = Blue
  • Black sweatshirt with or without the school logo
  • Black joggers or with or without the school logo
  • Black shorts or black sports leggings (plain)
  • Black hoodie (plain)
  • Gym shoes or trainers

For all PE kit, the only logo that should be on the kit should be the school logo.

For sports and PE; all piercings should be removed or covered, watches removed and long hair should be tied back.

  • All children should bring a coat to school every day. This is especially important during the winter months


NOTE: All the above clothing and equipment should be clearly labelled with your child's name.


NOT Permitted:
The following items are NOT part of the school uniform:

  • Trainers (except Foundation pupils or for PE), boots, open-toed sandals or high heels
  • Jewellery, except a watch and/or a single plain stud earring in either or both ears. If ears are pierced, pupils are responsible for these at all times and parents of pupils wearing earrings will be required to sign a form absolving the school of responsibility in the case of injury to themselves as a consequence of wearing them
  • No makeup or nail varnish
  • No unnatural hair colours or unconventional hair styles (judgements about hair styles do not discriminate against any pupil by virtue of their protected characteristics)
  • No temporary tattoos 



Fashion and availability of items from the High Street change rapidly and it is not possible to cater for every possibility with our uniform policy. Therefore, the school reserves the right to decide what is and what is not allowed.


Our uniform items are available from either:



40 East Street, Parkway, Newbury RG14 1AY

Telephone: 01635 226703

You can also purchase uniform online at


18a The Broadway, Thatcham RG19 3HX

Telephone: 01635 864573


There is also an online second-hand uniform shop run by the PTA where you can check stock and purchase items online by visiting the PTA website