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Your Child’s Health

We have fully-qualified first aiders in school who will look after your child if they become unwell during the school day. In the unfortunate event of illness or accident occurring whilst at school, we will either:

  • send a report home with them notifying parents of the details, if your child has a minor bump or accident during school hours. Note: If the bump is to your child’s head, we will put a sticker on their jumper so everyone is aware should there be any further health problems that day. For further information please see Minor Head Injury on the NHS Website >>> 
  • contact you and if necessary as you to collect your child from school.
    Note: Your child will not be allowed to leave unaccompanied. It is therefore essential that we are able to contact you and have an up-to-date number for home and/or work.


We normally double check parental records at the beginning of each new school year but records can be updated by informing the school.


Administering Prescribed Medicine
If your child has been unwell and needs to take medicine prescribed by your Doctor, we can administer it. However, the medicine must be delivered in person to the office in its named/original packaging, labelled with your child’s name, and you will need to complete an Administration of Medicines Form. We are unable to administer any medicine which is not prescribed.


At the start of each school year, parents need to complete a new Administration of Medicines Form authorising our staff to administer medicines on their behalf.
Note: Please remember that it is the parents’ responsibility, not the schools’, to ensure that all medicines/ Epipens given to school to administer are in date.


Medical forms can be found on the Useful Forms page